Real Canada 150

August 28, 2017
Back in November Steve Haining went on a non profit project in Standing Buffalo Saskatchewan, with his friends in Blueprint For Life; an organization that teaches healing through the arts (dance, music, photography etc) to youth at risk in northern communities in Canada. An intense week long project with some local troubled youth as well as some youth from a local rehab center the project was an emotional week for everyone.  When Haining was leaving he was invited back to the community in the summer to join them in their powwow which is the largest one in Canada! As august begun Haining packed a car and began the 3 day journey north back to his recent friends in standing Buffalo. By the time he arrived they had already begun setting up tents and clearing the grounds for the weekend long powwow and as the sun went down the event begun.  An extremely powerful weekend full of constant singing, dancing and storytelling the days seemed to go on forever and the nights didn't slow anyone down. Each morning was started by a grand entrance showing respect to everyone and even raising the flags before everything resumed (something in our Canadian culture that has been lost for decades now, oddly enough except for the native cultures) By nightfall people start to pack in their tents and rest for the mornings but under the glow of the northern lights above and the fires still burning near the events you could almost always hear the songs continue through the night. For anyone who doesnt think culture is still strong in Canada I would strongly suggest you take a deeper look into the roots of the native communities that helped allow Canada to exist today and show some well deserved respect to their culture and passion for family and history. steve hainingsteve hainingsteve hainingcreateofcreateofnorthern lights saskatchewan