Piano on a mountain.

November 6, 2018
Its been a while since we've had any free time, between moving the studio and working all over the map for the past 4 months it has been a while since we had a day off! That said Steve Haining has been working out in the Calgary area the past few weeks on a couple really cool projects.  Long time friend Troy Sexton (6ix Stix drummer / former STOMP lead & choreographer) also happened to be in town.  They had a day off yesterday and were both itching to do something fun. They took a drive an hour south of Calgary and purchased an old 600lb piano from Craigs List. some how fit it into their rental vehicle and then continued to drive hours into the mountains for a photo shoot. Below is a couple snaps from this random adventure, as well as a little drone video behind the scenes!  Hope you love it.   troy sexton troy sexton alberta