Magazine Covers

February 2, 2019
Haining was contacted a few months ago to do a photo series & potential cover for the big 2019 issue of Canada Fashion Magazine. He sat down with the magazine to talk about what they were looking for and some ideas he had that would work for the issue. After hearing his concepts the magazine opted to let him bring his own idea to life and take full creative control! Earlier in the year Steve had been in conversations with the top designer Michel Antoine about doing a photo series for his infamous "million Dollar Dress." A dress he was commissioned to design for Visa card that was made out of credit cards and gold bars! He told Michel about the idea to photograph the dress in a giant vault to build a series that really defined the dress and would have potential for the cover of Canadian Fashion! The shoot was a huge success with an epic story, so much so that the magazine decided to not only use the shots for cover and spread but they also published the story behind the shoot! You can pick up your issue of the magazine this month! Or take a look at the shots below and read the story. steve hainingsteve haining steve haining