Big Island Lava

June 24, 2018
After a crazy start to a year I finally had a bit of down time at my disposal. Coincidentally I also happen to have really amazing friends in Hawaii about an hour away from where the Kilauea volcano has begun a crazy national disaster on the island with fissures opening up with active lava in populated areas. Needless to say I decided to make the trip out there to see what I could find during my week off and what I experiences was pretty surreal. I got to meet some locals who have lost everything to what seemed like 3 natural disasters pounding the same area over and over; a lava flow, daily earthquakes & tropical storms. I learned a lot about the island and what happens in crisis situations like this.  It took a dew days but I was also fortunate enough to locate the owner of a helicopter company and hire him to charter me in a private door-less helicopter over the danger zone of the island. Because of potential eruptions and explosions flight restrictions over the active area were in place to protect pilots from flying debris. We still found a way to work around the restrictions and really look at what the conditions to the area were. It was so  intense that even nearly a mile up from the active fissures I could still feel the heat from the lava. I just want to reach out and say thanks to Mauna Loa Helicopters for working with me to be able to get this private charter to happen, I would not be able to get any of the shots I did on a group helicopter tour or anything less than building my own custom flight path! Lava flow big island big island lava sm hawaii- 0618 --138big island shoreline