Bay Lynx – San Francisco

March 26, 2018
Over the past couple years weve done quite a bit of work for Bay Lynx, Everything on their branding photography and video side, as well as products and marketing media the scale of our work with them has been large,  We've gotten very close with them as clients and have had an awesome time on several projects!  Last year we worked with them mostly locally in Canada but we also sent Haining out to Manchester UK to do the imaging and media for their UK division of their company.  Imaging and video that was greatly successful and helped them expand over to Aisle Of Man! This year as part of a project photographing and filming case studies of clients of Bay Lynx, Haining went over to San Francisco to do some work for Bay Lynx Canada showing the extent of their impact in big construction markets.  The project boasted some impressive views and really impressive builds.  Take a look at some of the outcomes. We've also put a link to one of the videos from that week.   createof baumans landscaping